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Both the BEM Framework and the BEMboard software are open source tools. Still, only few manage to successfully apply the BEM Framework practically without professional guidance

IBEM provides venture managers with direct access to comprehensive fundamental knowledge for building a venture and operating seamlessly in an international share- and stakeholder landscape

BEM certification features education about prevalent project management methodologies, best practises, and how to apply the BEM Framework in a venture mission - thus, it lays the foundation for a venture mission's journey to prosperity

bem certification

BEM Certification

BEM education enables you to start building and developing a venture and collaborating seamlessly within your team, partners and shareholders - both locally and globally and regardless their methodological background.
Our certification courses are internationally standardised, continuously improved and not limited to a certain region or industry: BEM courses provide comprehensive, widely approved knowledge to all venture parties.

The BEM Certification Roles

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BEM Academy

Getting certified is simple

  • Access internationally standardised BEM education via a BEM Academy in your country
  • Develop relevant skills and knowledge easily in a highly professional learning environment

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Your benefits

  • Acquire comprehensive skills and knowledge for starting a business and leading it through a successful evolution towards prosperity
  • Become an allround solution hero and build the confidence to choose a suitable methodology during each stage of your venture's maturity
  • Gain quality and efficiency enhancements as well as advantages over the competition by seizing international collaboration opportunities

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