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The BEM Framework: The wisdom all in one place

The BEM Framework sets an international standard to achieve efficient interaction and quality enhancement between ventures and their share- and stakeholders

This helps a venture team to connect various non-compliant methodologies, and hence avoid wasting time and money when operating in a global landscape of share- and stakeholders

BEM certification makes you a solution hero and paves the venture team’s way to prosperous business evolution by enabling it to collaborate internationally. The entire venture team profits through the skills of handling diverse methodologies among venture parties

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Business Evolution Management Framework

The BEM Framework manifesto

The BEM Framework provides comprehensive knowledge on how to build and steer a venture, overcome methodological gaps in its landscape and deliver value to serve an international market. It is destined to enhance a business' output quality by enabling its managers to seize new international opportunities in their business mission.

BEM Framework combines the knowledge of existing standards: It aims to bridge the gap between highly approved, yet non-compliant methodologies venture managers are commonly confronted with in international share- and stakeholder environment.

The BEM Framework consists of 5 components

Component 01

Our basic values and mindsets for successful collaboration

Value sets

  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Simplicity
  • Respect
  • Courage


  • The continuous flow of value
  • Frequent customer interaction
  • Iterative and adaptive
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Share responsibility for results
  • Situational specific strategies

Component 02

Four pre-defined roles in a venture's environment:
Each comes with a set of clear tasks and responsibilities

Component 03

Iterative working guarantees continuous progress and minimises risks

Component 04

Striving for continuous improvement by focussing on stage goals

Component 05

Learn to choose a suitable methodology for your venture in every level of your business evolution

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At one glance

Collaboration standard allows seamless interaction with all venture parties

BEMboard as one common platform for efficient and structured team work

Transparent and safe portfolio management through uniform reporting and overall quality assurance

Become a certified solution hero

Receive valuable training in your local BEM Academy and pave your venture team’s way to prosperous business evolution!

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