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What is the International BEM Association?

The International BEM Association is a non-profit organisation that strives to continuously improve and develop the BEM Framework

BEM Ambassadors offer access to internationally standardised business evolution education through local BEM Academies

The overall goal of IBEM is to synchronise and integrate all parties of a venture into the mission to ensure a high level of engagement and collaboration quality on their business evolution journey as well as to create a prosperous venture ecosystem

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Business Evolution Management Framework

Our Organisation

and its unique international ecosystem

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BEM Certification

by international BEM Academies worldwide

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Become a BEM-er

BEMboard as a software

BEMboard is a unique software specifically designed for the process of building and launching a startup.
It provides all the tools to guide yourself through your business evolution: From product development to market access and beyond - all in one platform.

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